Fear, anxiety, and shame are powerful teachers. They inform us when it’s time to slow down and pay attention. Without them we’d forever function on autopilot.

When you allow your own feelings to be your guide, you'll experience more creativity

It’s really that simple.

When we live in a state of shame, anxiety or fear, we get paralyzed. Over patterned. Rigid. Stuck in our ways. And we lose the creative flow.

Slow down, give yourself permission to sit with the discomfort within and observe all the feelings within yourself. As you begin to see your patterns and struggles something magical happens.

In seeing yourself, you'll also see deeper into others. And that act of observation will inform your path.

Ancient wisdom tells us that the way of least resistance often lies in the willingness to look inward.

In ourselves we see everything.

Dive in with us.  Cultivate your practice of seeing and being seen.

We strive to create more space for you to hold and nurture yourself, your family and the people in your community.

In order for you to be able to really hold space for others, you need to hold space for yourself. And it helps to not have to do that alone.

To see your shadows, secrets, shame and the stories you tell yourself about how you see others and how others see you, you need a safe space to hold you...so that you can dive in and practice being seen.


Rebecca Wong is a relationship therapist, Connectfulness® Guide and Mentor and the host of the Practice Of Being Seen. She'll help you dare to share your truest self with yourself, your dearest, and the world. When you truly see yourself you create a ripple effect that allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world, and that invites those around you to do the same. Her discoveries reveal that the meaning we make of our life’s story is where it all comes together...but staying engaged in the process of discovering that meaning – that is often the greatest challenge! 

Learn more about Rebecca's work here.