Create meaningful relationships.
Share meaningful stories.

When you look at your daily life and society at large, you seek possibility and connection. Sometimes, you like what you see. And then, there are moments when you simply want to bury your head in your hands.

We live in interesting times. Beautiful and inspiring moments mingle with moments of bewilderment and heartbreak. This is a blessing, but, so often, it feels like a curse.

Create meaningful relationships. Share meaningful stories. 

You wish to create a beautiful, connected intimate life and you also hope to be the change you want to see in the world.

Even when things seem uncertain (or, perhaps, because things seem uncertain), you are someone who strives to build deep relationships, express your creativity, do meaningful work, and live a life connected to source and spirit.

In order to embody the change you want to see in your home and in the wider world, begin with the relationships that matter and the stories you share.

At the Practice of Being Seen, we understand that stories shape relationships and relationships shape stories. It's our mission to help you explore your stories and strengthen your relationships so you can hold space for the transformation that's echoing through the collective right now.

To hold the light, you need to dance with the shadows

It’s time to manifest your visions of a brighter, kinder, more connected future. You are being called to step into the light, to peer into your own shadows, and truly see yourself.

In order to show up and be seen in the world as the wise, ripple-creating, transformation agent you know yourself to be, you must practice seeing yourself and your world with soulful clarity.

Begin here. Begin with the Practice of Being Seen.


You want to be the change you wish to see?

First, look within

Dive deep. See in order to be seen.


See and Be Seen

Develop You Own Practice



Each week, we hold space for soulful explorations of what really matters to seekers, creators, and healers.

Tune in for conversations and interviews that explore the stories, spirit, and psychology that shape our relationships and form our society.

Looking closely, seeing clearly, and inviting brave, vulnerable discussions are the first essential elements of transformation. 


This exclusive virtual community of therapists offers a safe place for you to dig into your own stories and understand how they influence your personal and professional relationship.

Twice-monthly live group calls plus daily support from colleagues from across America and beyond give your chance to find and strengthen your voice. 



One-on-one consultations offer you the and healing wisdom to find meaning in your own experience. Rebecca's Connectfulness Consultations and Marisa's Storytelling & Writing Coaching support healers and therapists on their quest to see and be seen.


Are you ready to create lasting change in your story and your relationships? Our immersive retreats and workshops in New York's Hudson Valley offer you the chance to reflect, to heal, and to begin anew. Hire us to speak or create events for your community. 


Journey With Us


Join us, relationship therapist Rebecca Wong and storytelling coach Marisa Goudy, as we hold space for soulful explorations of what really matters to seekers, creators, and healers. 

Through conversations and interviews, we dive into stories, myths, and psychological insights that will shift the way you see yourself and your world.

We look at how individuals can respond and create positive transformation - even when it feels like the world is spinning in the wrong direction.