break out of small, stuck, & spinning your wheels

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I’m Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, relationship therapist, and mentor to therapists, healers and creative professionals. I’m excited to help you integrate and bring your whole self to the world.

We’ll use my signature Connectfulness® method to bring you back into alignment with your deepest self, transforming fear and limiting beliefs into helpful guides, helping you foster relationships that relationships that support you, and developing your intuition so you never have to worry about being stuck again.

Everyone struggles with fear, imposter syndrome, not-enoughness, you name it — and it all comes back to the same thing: disconnection.

Perfection isn’t what matters. It’s about putting yourself out there as an available, open-hearted human. It’s about being able to model flexibility and resilience.

You're journey begins when you embrace the beautiful mess that you – and everyone! – lives through each day.

DEVELOP YOUR Connectfulness Practice

This work is all about stepping back into conscious stewardship of your relationships ecosystem so you can connect with yourself, others, and your work from a place of grounded power that’s firmly rooted in you, and only you.



Every month I invite a fabulous, big-thinking guest to join me to talk about what it means to be human together. We’ll have deep conversations about the big stuff — life, love, and legacy — and how you can foster connection for yourself and with yourself. JANUARY 2019.



Our relationships are the core of how we experience the world, but many people get stuck in the same old patterns of frustration and disconnection. I provide Connectfulness®-based therapy for individuals, people in relationships, and professionals who are ready to make real changes.



You’ve got big work to do in the world — but right now, your limiting beliefs are in the driver’s seat. Get high-level mentorship that’s specifically designed for therapists, healers, and creative professionals, and start bringing the best of you to your work, and the best of your work to the world.