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Relationship Therapist Rebecca Wong offers mentorship + curates podcast discussions for therapists and those seeking deep restorative transformation. It starts by diving within...

When you look at your daily life and society at large, you seek possibility and connection. Sometimes, you like what you see. And then, there are moments when you simply want to bury your head in your hands.

We live in interesting times. Beautiful and inspiring moments mingle with moments of bewilderment and heartbreak. This is a blessing, but, so often, it feels like a curse.

You wish to create a beautiful, connected intimate life and you also hope to be the change you want to see in the world.

Even when things seem uncertain (or, perhaps, because things seem uncertain), you are someone who strives to build deep relationships, express your creativity, do meaningful work, and live a life connected to source and spirit.

In order to embody the change you want to see in your home and in the wider world, begin with the relationships that matter and the stories you share.

At the Practice of Being Seen, it's our mission to help you explore and strengthen your relationships so you can hold space for the transformation that's echoing through the collective right now.

It’s time to manifest your visions of a brighter, kinder, more connected future. You are being called to step into the light, to peer into your own shadows, and truly see yourself.

In order to show up and be seen in the world as the wise, ripple-creating, transformation agent you know yourself to be, you must practice seeing yourself and your world with soulful clarity.

And yet, as someone who is dedicated to both personal and professional well-being, you often feel like you’re holding two powerful sets of priorities. This is a place of great potential and growth. But it’s also a messy, challenging place to live.

Though it may feel that these are two different worlds, there is really no separation. Both the personal and the professional are powerful facets of YOU, and the richness of your humanity emerges when you find a way to let these elements mix.

When you explore the fertile in-between space, you can make great things happen. Your ongoing growth and satisfaction rely on integration. And that begins with seeing yourself, your dreams, and your goals...and how it all interweaves.

Begin here. Begin with the Practice of Being Seen.


Connectfulness® Method Mentorship Program

designed for therapists and healers to cultivate an intimate practice that integrates your vision and day to day reality


Weekly conversations for therapists and anyone interested in deeper intimacy, less fear and more creative, bold action. Host, Rebecca Wong, relationship therapist, consultant and founder of Connectfulness®, believes that when you truly see yourself you create a ripple effect that allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world -- and that invites everyone around you to do the same. 

Work With Rebecca

Working with Rebecca offer you the experience of truly see yourself. Through deep introspective dives, Rebecca will help you unlock the creative parts of yourself so that you create the ripples that allow you to be the change you wish to see in the world - and that invites everyone around you to do the same. 




Are you ready to create lasting change in your story and your relationships? Our immersive retreats and workshops in New York's Hudson Valley offer you the chance to reflect, to heal, and to begin anew.

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