Do you want to get your product or service into the hands of therapist-healers who are are changing lives?

Our POBS retreats are an opportunity for therapists and mental health clinicians to see their own needs in relationship to their practice. During our retreats we create a self-care space where healing professionals grow both personally and professionally.

Attendees come from across the country and the majority have their own private practices.  

Our events are holistic in nature and include time for self-reflection that includes guided journaling and sensory group hikes in nature. The intent is to create a healing space for therapists, counselors, psychologists, and healers of all kinds to come together to connect, rejuvenate and gain confidence in themselves as individuals and professionals.

Many of our retreats also focus on professional development - but we invite participants to step outside the usual practice-building box. We dive into topics like understanding your niche, developing a sustainable client attraction approach, and honing a brand identity in a unique, compassionate way that focuses on discovering inner truth and developing a nurturing vision.


Meet the host-facilitators 

Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R is a relationship therapist, mentor and consultant to therapists, and retreat faciliator. She’s also the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy. Rebecca takes you on a deep dive into that middle place that intergrates your relationships with yourself and with others -- the most intimate relationships in your life, and the public/professional ones. She joins together with therapists and anyone interested in deep restorative transformation for weekly Connectfulness® Conversations to examine how to create ripples of change within ourselves and with the world around us. 


What does sponsorship offer you and your organization?

We're striving to create a sponsorship opportunity that gives you an awesome return on your investment and supports our community by introducing our retreat guests to get to know you, your brand, and your product. We don't invite just anyone to become a sponsor of our event. We invite people, products, and services that we believe in enough to honestly recommend and rave about.

Our followers are healers who are investing time and money into their own self care. They are people who will bring the self care message - and the great products and services they learn about - back to their own communities of clients and wellness seekers. As you'll see below, we're offering our sponsors an opportunity to be featured on the Practice of Being Seen podcast with Rebecca Wong where we features soulful explorations for anyone interested in deep restorative transformation. We'd love to highlight your story!


Sponsorship options

SWAG Sponsor: swag bag gifts for our event participants (gifts that would retail for a minimum $10 value, can additionally include invitations to work with or purchase more from you).

$750 Sponsorship: Includes a small logo on our event page with link to your site, social media shout-outs before and after the event, plus live mentions at the event. You'll also be the featured sponsor on one episode of our Practice of Being Seen podcast.

$2000 Sponsorship: Includes a medium logo on our event page with link back to your website, social media shout-outs before and after the event & live mentions at the event, an ad spot on three episodes on the Practice Of Being Seen Podcast. Plus, you'll be credited with sponsoring a healing event, such as a yoga class, at our retreat.

$5000 Sponsorship: This option is available to one special sponsor...  You'll get "Sponsored by" credit including a large logo on our event page with link back, a dedicated email sent to our list of therapists highlighting your product, social media shout-outs before and after the event & live mentions at the event. You'll also get an ad spot on six episodes on the Practice Of Being Seen Podcast and you'll be credited with sponsoring healing treatments (such as massages) for all participants at our retreat. Plus, you'll VIP all expenses paid ticket (excluding travel and incidentals) for a member of your organization to attend the event (you can also raffle this off for your community). 

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