POBS Virtual Community for Therapists | Membership Guidelines & Application


POBS Virtual Community for Therapists | Membership Guidelines & Application


WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the Practice of Being Seen: a community for therapists like you who want to explore your unique vision, develop your relationships, and hone your message



POBS is a place for developing your ability to use YOUrself as your greatest asset in your practice. When you connect with your "YOUness," you can increase your exposure, enhance your self care practices, and cultivate your ability to show up.

You'll learn how to develop and trust your voice - when in session and when you write and market your business. And you'll deepen your relationships - with yourself and with your colleagues. Then you'll be able to apply that to your clients and the people who matter most in life.

You'll also have a chance to be a guest contributor on our contributor's blog (more below). You'll be invited to participate in monthly coaching calls that will help you develop your professional practice as well as your writing practice.



What makes this group unique? (And how can you help preserve this uniqueness?) 

You’re likely in several other Facebook groups for therapists - that’s great! (We are too and it’s a fabulous way to build rapport and get to know others.)

The Practice of Being Seen is intended to be a space where you explore your YOUness. Specifically, come here to explore:

Your relationship with yourself as a therapist. Your relationships with the important people in your life who influence how you show up in all aspects of your day. The things that make you YOU. The goal is to go deep into your WHY. That means writing into and sharing your stories as you work to develop a professional story that resonates with your ideal clients.

Stories shape relationships and relationships shape stories. In this group, we explore your relationship to storytelling and the roadblocks you may encounter along the way when it comes to sharing YOUR story.

This is a place to open up, put yourself out there, receive feedback, and have others (kindly and consciously) witness your process and your growth.

You're part of the Practice of Being Seen group because you want to hone your practice. That means you want to dive deeper into how you live you life, create your brand, and develop your relationship with clients.

And when it comes to how YOU show up in session? Yes, that is exactly what it means to talk about your YOUness and how that influences your work. And similarly, how you show up, and lean into showing up in a more public arena - often a challenge for us therapists, counseled against personal disclosure.



Expect vulnerability. This is a place for you to be vulnerable and a place for you to hold space for others to be vulnerable. 

This is not a place to promote your stuff. But we do offer a weekly "shame-free self promotion" thread because we do want to understand your creative process. We want to see YOU.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding client info in the Facebook group.

Any therapist is welcome to apply, but we review each application and then invite people to join the group. 

Treat this group space with the same ethical codes and respect you would honor in a therapy-like group.

Confidentiality is essential: what happens in the group stays in the group. That means no cutting and pasting or conversations about what other members share and discuss either online or offline.

Let’s think of this as more than “just” an online space. It is a forum where real people are having deep conversations. Please honor this as a “real” space and show up as you would face-to-face or on a phone call.



Contribution is essential to membership in The Practice of Being Seen. We ask you to devote a baseline of 15 minutes of your time to the Facebook Group per week. You can satisfy this baseline requirement by generating new conversations, responding to others’ threads, joining us on coaching calls and writing guest posts for the Connectfulness community. And, of course, it would be wonderful if you could spend more time with us!

And having said that, we are all human. We get that life happens and you may at times need to step out and come back later. THAT'S OK. We just ask that you email us at hello@connectfulness.com and let us know when it is the case for you.



As a member of POBS, you are invited to become a guest contributor on Connectfulness.com which is growing into a community-sourced content platform. The vision is to create a resource for individuals and professionals who want to bring more curiosity, meaning, and play into modern intimate relationships. This is your chance to be seen by a wider audience and to receive writing coaching that helps you develop your Connectfulness post AND build writing and blogging skills that will transform the way you create your own content .


We strongly encourage you to share the group members’ posts when they go live on Connectfulness so that we can spread the Tribe’s shared vision and so we can all support one another in this quest to have our writing seen by new communities.



There is a $370 yearly fee for membership due at the time of your application. You can find a link to submit your payment on the last page of this application. Fees are refundable for up to 14 days from the date of your enrollment.


This is why your 2017 needs the Practice of Being Seen

An ENGAGED COMMUNITY of peers who are dedicated to supporting one another and being the change we all wish to see in the world.

CONSULTATION CALLS with Rebecca that help you see yourself and discover how to share your truest self with the world. We'll discuss how to integrate Connectfulness principles in order to help you deepen your practice and stand more fully in your humanity. You'll learn how to use yourself as a clinical relational tool and set healthy boundaries in all areas of work and life.

WRITING COACHING sessions with Marisa Goudy will help you hone your writing skills and help you deepen your personal writing practice. You'll learn the basics of storytelling and get clear on that big question: how much of my story do I want to share?

Connectfuly Yours,

Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R
Relationship Therapist, Consultant & Founder of Connectfulness

Marisa Goudy. MA
Writer & Storytelling Coach for Healers