Thank you for you interest in being a guest on the Practice of Being Seen podcast with relationship therapist, Rebecca Wong.

This podcast offers soulful explorations for anyone interested in deep restorative transformation, especially the psychotherapy community.

Through these curated discussions, we invite our listeners to make space to see themselves and the world. We look at how seeing ones self creates a ripple effect that allows each of us to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

Your expertise and experience will help empower and support others. Being a guest on the show is a great way to share your gift with an amazing audience. Fill out this form as the first step in getting your guest spot booked.

(This interview will take 45-75 minutes from start to finish).

This is more of a discussion then an interview. We’ll keep the energy and feel conversational and casual. Here's a loose framework for what you can expect we may cover:

  • How has your own personal transformation impacted your ability to really see yourself and the world around you?

  • What relationships shaped the transformative stories that now guide how you see yourself and your role in the world?  

  • When it feels like the world is spinning in the wrong direction, how have you responded and create positive transformation?


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