Partners + Affiliates

As a partner or affiliate for the programs below, we do receive compensation when you purchase. That said, we want you to know that our decision to partner, comes with deep support of the quality of these offerings. When it comes to our community, we only partner with programs we believe in. 



Therapy Notes is a simple, secure, EHR platform that keeps you organized and creates a container for all details that run a private practice -- so you can tend to what really matters. Use the promo code connectfulness and get two months free when you sign up at


Simplero is one simple software for your website, email marketing, online courses and memberships -- everything you need to build, launch, and grow your online business. Sign up for a free trial.


You may recall Cyndi Darnell from podcast episodes "Pleasure and the Body’s Wisdom" and "Mindful Sex: Pleasure, Power, Permission." Cyndi recently created an online course, The Desire Series, to guide you step-by-step through facts and myths about desire. This course is suitable for all genders, levels of interest and orientations. Register before Oct 30 and use the code FIRSTIN25 for 25% off both the program and the program with coaching upgrade. 30 day money back guarantee.  


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