Connectfulness Events

Our events, workshops, and retreats provide the support and comfort you need to lean into your reflections and let go of the illusions that keep you stuck. We dive into how you see yourself: your feelings, your relationships, your shadows, and your ability to trust your own intuition. Each event is designed to be steeped in nourishing, nurturing healing energy that you’ll take back home and share with the important people in your life.

Wild Woman Online Discussion Group

The Wild Woman Online Discussion Group

In these Wild Woman Discussion Groups, we journey together in remembering who we are, what we are made of, and why we are here. Facilitated by Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, relationship therapist, mentor to therapists and change-makers, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. 

We'll meet online from 12-12:50pm EST the last Thursday of the month for 6 consecutive months,  April 26th 2018 through September 27th, 2018. 

All proceeds generated by these discussion groups support production of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast.


A Visioning Retreat for Therapist Change-Makers WITH your partner-in-life

Growing a private practice is an intimate journey. As you merge your vision of the practice and livelihood you are building with the day to day reality of you life and relationship, there may be some uncomfortable growth edges that sneak up on you.This unique couples retreat is designed with you, the busy private practice therapist/change-maker and your partner, in mind. We’ll help you consciously slow down, and make space that’ll transform the way you show up for yourself and thrive in your relationship and in building your practice. 


Past Events


The Connectfulness® Method Mentorship Program lasts 22 weeks and includes both group coaching and private one-on-one video sessions, live presentations, writing prompts and worksheets, both a private forum, a Facebook community group, and culminates in an in-person retreat at Menla Mountain Resort (accommodations and meals included when you register for the program).

Program begins November 27th, 2017 | in-person retreat held from April 27-29, 2018 |  Learn More

(RE)VISION: EXPLORE YOUR STORIES, SHAPE YOUR FUTURE | A Practice of Being Seen Retreat for Therapist-Healers August 13-16 2017 at Menla in NY's Catskill Mountains

You’ve got a theory, a venture, an offering, but the world doesn’t know about it yet. It’s time to tune in and create the space that will enable your project and your passion come to life.
How do you span the divide between hoping and doing, between dream and reality, between wounded and healed? You pause. You root into nature, into Spirit, into your body, into your history, and into what you know about the people you are here to help.
When you see yourself clearly, you’re able to bring your vision into focus and you’re able to manifest the next big project or next big growth phase for your practice.
(Re)Vision is an investment both in your business and also in yourself. It is a chance to deepen your practice, learn new skills, root into nature and spirit, and make time for some radical self-care. 

Waking Wisdom Within | March 17-19 2017

RECONNECT TO YOUR INNER GODDESS. Every woman has a divine source within her waiting to be seen, held, nurtured and known. Right now, we’re living through a collective process of deep transformation. You feel like you’re in a “crisis of not knowing,” and you’re not alone in this. The divine feminine within you is calling for you to tune in. Goddess energy is asking you to awaken to do your own personal healing so you can find the strength and the resources to give back to the collective. 


Equine + Eco Healing Retreat For Therapists | November 4-5 2016

Do you make time to feel your feelings? To connect with yourself? To really sit with and observe what solidly standing in and honoring your truth feels like? And then to observe the ripple that standing in your truth plays in all of your relationships? Our time together will include ample experiential equine healing + rejuvenation. You’ll build confidence in your own reflection through gentle observation. We’ll be diving into how you see yourself; your feelings, your observations of your shadows and your relationships. We’ll create a healing environment to nourish and nurture you that you’ll take back home and share with your clients and the all of the important people in your life.