The COnnectfulness Collective FOR THERAPISTS

Explore your unique vision, deepen your ability to use YOUrself, and hone your message.

Connect the dots between what goes on in society and what goes on in your office. Together, we explore the practical, theoretical and messy elements of being in private practice. The Practice of Being Seen Community for Therapists invites you to dive deep into how you live your life, create your brand, develop your practice, and serve your clients.

The Practice Of Being Seen originally began with a membership community on facebook that grew in both numbers and depth. And we learned and grew along with it. One of the early lessons Rebecca absorbed was that social media was simply not where this baby was meant to be housed. It didn't allow for the depth of conversations we needed to be free to have with one another. And, then there was also the overwhelm factor. So for a good while we shelved the membership community. But we're getting ready to bring it back, even better than before.  

Facilitated by Rebecca Wong

Relationship therapist, mentor to therapists and change-makers, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast, Rebecca helps therapists to see themselves and discover how to share their truest self with the world.

Rebecca also will blend her experience as a TMI Project Workshop Facilitator into the membership community.

And we'll discuss how to integrate Rebecca's guiding Connectfulness principles to help deepen your practice and stand more fully in your humanity.


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