Explore your unique vision, develop your relationships, and hone your message


Connect with colleagues. 
Connect with yourself.
Connect with the stories you must tell.

Connect the dots between what goes on in society and what goes on in your office. 

Together, we explore the practical and theoretical elements of being in private practice.
We use writing as a discovery tool and storytelling as a way to build relationships.

The Practice of Being Seen Community invites you to dive deep into
how you live your life, create your brand,  develop your practice, and serve your clients.

What can you expect from your membership?

The POBS Membership Community is a place for developing your ability to use YOUrself as your greatest asset in your practice. When you connect with your "YOUness," you can increase your exposure, enhance your self care practices, and cultivate your ability to show up.

You'll learn how to develop and trust your voice - when in session and when you write and market your business. And you'll deepen your relationships - with yourself and with your colleagues. Then you'll be able to apply that to your clients and the people who matter most in life.

You'll be invited to participate in weekly coaching calls that will help you develop your professional practice as well as your writing practice.


Marisa will help you hone your writing skills and help you establish your personal writing practice. When you craft your ideas into stories, you understand your own vision in a new way and you inspire readers in a way that straight facts and theory never can. You'll learn the basics of storytelling and get clear on that big question: how much of my story would be helpful to share?



Rebecca will help you see yourself and discover how to share your truest self with the world. We'll discuss how to integrate Connectfulness principles in order to help you deepen your practice and stand more fully in your humanity. You'll learn how to use yourself as a clinical relational tool and set healthy boundaries in all areas of work and life.

Stories shape Relationships.

Relationships shape stories. 


What makes this membership community unique? (And how can you help preserve this uniqueness?) 

You’re likely in several other online and in person groups for therapists - that’s great! (We are too and it’s a fabulous way to build rapport and get to know others.)

The Practice of Being Seen membership community is intended to be a space where you explore:

  • Your relationship with yourself as a therapist.
  • Your relationships with the important people in your life who influence how you show up in all aspects of your day.
  • Your relationship to storytelling and the roadblocks you may encounter along the way when it comes to sharing YOUR story.
  • Your relationship with your brand and your marketing practice - are you developing a voice and an online presence that reflects who you are and resonates with your ideal clients?

This is a place to open up, put yourself out there, receive feedback, and have others (kindly and consciously) witness your process and your growth. This is place to figure out what's authentically ready to be to share after years of being warned against too much self-disclosure.

This is a place for you to lean your YOUness and how that influences the way you show up in session and all the steps that bring clients through your door. 




We gather together for the sort of in-depth, supportive conversations you just don’t find on the internet. In our membership community, it’s ok to be vulnerable and to share ideas that are still in process. In fact, vulnerability is essential to the special magic we co-create together.

With the support of colleagues from across America and beyond, this is your chance to find and strengthen your voice.

What do you stand for? What shadows do you need to acknowledge and explore? How can you take these insights and, yes, these fears and use them to develop your professional, personal, and creative presence?

We’ll use Rebecca's Connectfulness principles to help you notice and draw out these elements of your story. We’ll teach you Marisa's Sovereign Storytelling techniques to help you write stories that matter to you and your audience. We'll tap into the wisdom and experience of the collective to deepen the Practice of Being Seen.

Yearly membership fee is $444

(That's an investment of $37/month in you, your message, your vision, and your business.)