YOUness -- that's my way of talking about how other people feel around you, what they take away from having met you.

As a therapist, YOU are your brand. YOU are the service. It’s in your YOUness that you weave together the threads of why you work with your chosen population and how you show up in sessions -- because branding is who you are everywhere you go.

Branding is a tool with which you build trust and identity. It's what others get to know about and associate with you. It's the memory that lingers and refers people back to you. 

Creating your brand is about illustrating what you offer through storytelling that weaves together and reflects you in your most wholehearted way. Written, spoken and visual communication come together with real life experience to provide effective, authentic, powerful memories that linger with the people with whom you connect.

It's about going deeper and diving into the story, your story.  Your story of who you are, what you do, who you serve and WHY you are doing it. That's what will ultimately create your brand.

And yes, you will most certainly evolve. There's always room to grow, especially in the arena of putting yourself and your maturing brand out there and making it visible and memorable!

Through our work together you’ll really know that perfection isn’t what matters. It’s about being an available, open-hearted human in the room. It’s about being able to model flexibility and resilience.

You’ll understand the journey of building a your brand and crafting your unique message when you embrace the beautiful mess that you – and everyone! – lives through each day.

During this laser consultation we'll meet live via zoom. If you have a website I'll review it with you in real time and we'll work together to explore how you can tweak your existing site to invite your ideal client to dive in with deeper clarity and impact. And then you'll be sent a video recording of our session to review as you integrate all that we've discussed into your site.