Neutrality is a myth


In life, just as in therapy, neutrality is a myth.

As a relationship therapist I speak truth with love. In fact, it’s the heart of the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model I practice and study (side note, if you're interested in this model, Terry's still welcoming therapists into the current RLT L1 online cohort). 

I hold opinions on how people should be treated, what’s humane, abusive, moral, and so on. I don’t shy away from these topics on my podcast or in my posts on social media. Rather, I integrate many of these aspects into how I work and whom I work with.

I’ll lovingly tell my clients “you’re a good person, and you’re being a jerk to your partner.” I approach my personal brand in the same way. I have faith in people, and yet I speak up when humans behave poorly just as I do in my office.

Your truths are often evident before you even say anything. It's in how you look. What you wear. Where you live or work.

So when you segregate yourself into parts, whose work are you doing? Who are you making comfortable? 

It’s impossible to be anything but you.

This is why integration is the focus of my work with therapist-change-makers

Your potential clients will feel safer knowing how you show up in difficult discussions. They'll feel more seen. More understood. More held, even if that means challenged, lovingly. 

After all, this stuff is the meat of our social and relational experiences today. And not having space for and safety in these discussions is likely why clients seek you out. 

It's true that I’m somewhat of a rebel. Still, as leaders and healers, I wonder if this is our charge: to model our willingness to be present in these uncomfortable discussions with ease and grace and self acceptance for our beliefs. Even when unpopular.

Your passions, your message, your YOUness, is the heart of what makes you sought after. It's very often the intersection point between your personal lived experience and your professional know how. How you hold the space between playing it safe and taking a risk. 

It's scary as heck to speak your truth, find and hone your message. It's challenging to find your voice. To play bigger and take up space. And it has to be. Because this is how you claim YOUR message. 

We're living in a powerful transformational era. Are you ready to share your soul's truth?

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