The Connectfulness® Method Mentorship Program

Let’s face it, growing your business really makes you look at the deepest parts of yourself. It’s kind of funny, ­­these humble yet noble businesses we build to not just be our livelihood but also to help others are in many ways a glaring mirror.

The Connectfulness® Method Mentorship Program is a 22­week online group mentorship that culminates in a 2­night/3­day retreat at the end of April at Menla Mountain Resort, located in the Catskill Mountains in New York­­. The ultimate reward in self­care, community, and integration. 

There really isn’t any other program quite like this one out there. It’s not therapy and it’s not exactly business coaching, although the work we’ll do together will absolutely inform both your personal and professional growth.

Instead, it is a mentorship­­ - a guide­­ - and a nurturing community.

WE BEGIN 11/27/2017