You, dear change-maker, need to be on the ready.

I know you want to create spaces to hold and nurture you, your family and the people in your community. In order for you to hold space for others, you first need to hold space for yourself. And if you are anything like me and the clients I work with, you have vast visions for the life —and livelihood— that you are crafting. But something deep inside has held you back. 

I'm Rebecca Wong, LCSW-Rrelationship therapist, mentor and consultant to therapists and change-makers, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. I live in New York’s Hudson Valley with my husband, our two daughters and 3 four-legged-furry-mischief-makers. 

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I work with kickass change-makers and therapists —just like you—who are ready to get out of your own way, step into your visions and believe in yourself.

It may show up as a teensy little bashful whisper. Or a scream locked in side of your jaw. A full on hustle, or an ever imaginable myriad of ways…

Your fears, anxieties, and shame stories are powerful internal guides informing you when it’s time to slow down and pay attention.

To find ease and flow in your life, dreams, relationships and livelihood, you need to integrate these messages. 

My own journey inspired me to explore and ultimately create my signature method, Connectfulness®. A research based practice encouraging you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity - including everything marvelous and all that’s messy. 

My journey led me into a deep understanding of creativity, well-being & relationships and has been supplemented with much study of art, film & storytelling, experiential learning, sexuality, reproduction, trauma, parenthood, attachment, loss and performance.

As I’ve dug deeper in search of my own a-ha moments I found pain often precedes growth and sitting with fears almost always navigates towards the inner wisdom to unstick the stuckness.

When you allow your feelings to be your guide you experience more creativity and connection. It's simple.

This is an invitation to slow down and give yourself permission to practice observing yourself. As you begin to see your patterns and struggles, empathy illuminates your path.

Connect more fully with yourself. Reach your highest potential. Unblock infinite possibility, fulfillment and delight in the life, livelihood and relationships inspiring and support your soul.

Start by listening to my practice of being seen podcast. I'll help you make space to map out your unique dreams and visions. Clear the blockages in your way. Notice fear shuts down your dreams, or make getting there feel like so much f'ing work. Reshape the way you talk to yourself. And watch as transformation ripples forth from you and into the world. 

My mission is to help you believe in yourself.

Let's share your integrated change-making self with the world.